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We help people who want to get rid of bad habits, improve their body, and stop depending on quick fixes!

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Fit4Life exists to help as many people become totally committed to an active and healthy lifestyle so they can live a longer and happier life!

At Fit4Life, we specialize in helping people who want to get rid of bad habits, improve their fitness and stop depending on quick fixes. We do this by teaching them proper training, sensible nutrition and accountability.


Best of all, we specialize in making sure they can do it according to their schedule, with the minimum time required from their week, all while making healthy living easy and fun!

We provide 100% Online Health and Fitness Transformation Programs and Coaching Partnerships that include remote access and support that are the perfect solutions even for BUSY “on-the-go” professionals. 


We are committed to making it as simple as possible for our community to radically improve their life by developing the right approach to hit their goals, gathering the exact tools and resources they need to get the job done, and provide the professional accountability and guidance for them to take consistent action to improve how they look and feel, WHILE SOLVING their time dilemma they experience from their responsibilities to their family, social lives, and career.

IF THIS IS YOU… then keep reading! 

Why work with us?

Why People Work With Us 


The demands of your lifestyle require that you have the FLEXIBILITY and AUTONOMY to eat and exercise according to your own schedule, without putting a major strain on the time you have in your day.


This is the only way that a busy professional like yourself can make actual progress towards your ultimate desire of a more ENERGIZED, HEALTHIER, and HAPPIER YOU! 

Our courses and coaching partnerships are best for an “on-the-go” professional like yourself who may have tried to make these changes before and had some minor successes, but either stalled in your progress or lost your way. You KNOW YOU MUST GET BACK ON TRACK but aren’t certain about what to do next. You need to do it right this time with a proper plan of action that is specific to your body and keeps you from giving up! 

Let’s be honest, you DON’T have the months and years to waste researching the best methods that will get you REAL results that last. You need a trusted professional who has done that work for you.  You don’t have the time to take the “trial and error” approach to figure out what actually works, while risking failed diets, injuries, or more letdowns. These defeats can build up excuses that lead to less desire and determination to change. You need a proven plan of action that fits your lifestyle and will deliver you LONG-TERM RESULTS by systematically changing your behaviors to actually improve your body and quality of life.

You likely don’t have extra hours in your day for driving to the gym, doing exercises that are unguided and don’t target your specific needs, all while doing extra grocery shopping only to cook bland and boring food 5+ days a week. It would be like having a part-time job on top of your work and time with your family, leaving you feeling drained, discouraged, and at a major risk of giving up! 

At Fit4Life we believe the quality of your life is largely dependent on the quality of your body, but the point of being alive is to LIVE and not spend unnecessary time maintaining it!  We only include what is necessary and effective to shape a happier and healthier life!


Want to see if working with us is right for you?

Apply for an assessment consultation with our coaching team HERE and tell us a little about what problems you have been struggling with and we will set up a call time for you! On this call, we can learn more about you and your unique situation and see if we can help you make it easy for you to look and feel the way you deserve!

  • Eliminating confusion over exactly what APPROACH to is best for you and how to start making actual changes in your life that make a difference 

  • Crushing hunger and cravings that make it hard for you to stay on track when eating healthy

  • Stopping and reversing the weight gain that makes you embarrassed to be in a swimsuit

  • Rewiring your lifestyle to eliminate low energy and mid-day “crashes” that get in the way of your productivity and growth

  • Clearing the "brain fog" that gets in the way of thinking clearly and taking action at work and at home

  • Rebuilding fatigued and depleted bodies that make it difficult to stay active and do what you love most

  • Making it as easy as possible to choose truly healthy foods that are actually nutritious and won't leave you feeling hungrier

  • Reversing muscle and strength loss that leaves you at risk of being less capable of sports, activity, and travel

  • Repairing your wrecked metabolism from previous diets attempts that makes it difficult for you to improve current energy levels and lose excess weight

  • Reducing the effects of poor nutrition, inactivity, and stress that your risks of heart and vascular diseases, which are the leading causes of premature death in the world

  • Properly managing chronic stress in a healthy way to avoid the destructive effects on your body and waistline

  • Prioritizing and conquering sleep and recovery habits so you can be happier and present with your families once work is done

We do this by supporting and guiding clients and members through our proven and sustainable methods in our signature coaching programs and offerings... don't waste your time anymore!


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Meet Coach Chris! Head Coach and Founder of Fit4Life 

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