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How to Easily Re-ignite Your EXERCISE and TRAINING Without Wanting to GIVE UP

Getting back to exercising can be a challenge... but it doesn’t have to be! It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed with the idea of working out 90+ minutes in the gym 5-day per week and daily cardio routines all while starving yourself and living on salad and a can of tuna each day…

For busy people with professional and personal demands each day, this is simply a RECIPE FOR BURNOUT and temptation to give up when it’s too difficult to juggle these training schedules and the REST of your life. And to be honest with you, it’s probably more than 80% of people need to actually get their results.

When I work with busy men and women that are seriously ready to make a change in the way they look and feel but have struggled to stay consistent with training, I give them the simple orders to focus on this EASY 3 PART TRAINING METHOD:

1. Make it an EASY start. Progressive training is KEY. We can’t start from Day 1 expecting to train 2 hours a day every day of the week and lifting the heaviest weights in the gym. Simply aim for 3 days per week for 40-60 minutes max. Also, makie sure to take rest days in between each day. You can add more days or complexity as you establish a solid base and successfully complete all 3 sessions in a week.

2. Focus on RESISTANCE TRAINING. This is key for burning fat WHILE preserving and developing healthy muscle tissue. More healthy muscle tissue means we can burn more calories and remove more body fat. Focus on compound training routines for your BACK, CHEST, LEGS, and CORE BODY. Don't get stuck on working out your arms and calves thinking it's going to help you see your 6-pack!

3. Make sure to eat a RECOVERY MEAL after training. If there is one meal to make sure includes any amount carbohydrates and protein, it would be the meal within an hour or 2 of finishing training. Your body needs to repair after the training has been completed. Not eating after training means that the muscles will partially resort to breaking themselves down to replace the energy stores of the muscles you are training (not good!). Drop a banana in your protein shake for a simple example of healthy food that can help in your recovery.

Being busy is no longer an obstacle with this simple and easy method!

At the end of the day, THIS EASY METHOD makes sure that we are FOCUSED on what is most important to PROPERLY TRAIN our body during the week. This means that we will move toward becoming stronger, leaner, and full of energy while not feel overwhelmed or burned out from the complexity of our busy days!


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