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These 3 Forces Determine Your Habits and Behaviors

Have you ever thought about how your habits shape how you feel each day? How about the way that it impacts your productivity or the ability to be mentally and physically present with your family?

Our mind and body are amazing vessels for us to experience the world around us… If you think about how much that it takes care of without requiring us to be always “behind the wheel” of every process for survival…. We depend on them to regulate our heartbeat, breathing, or circulation, even while we sleep!

But what shapes the habits that we cycle through daily and where do we experience breakdowns in our habits that begin to affect our body?

I believe that these "3 Forces of Determination" play upon our mind and body. They directly impact our behaviors, our actions, and ultimately shape the condition of our health and body!

1. NATURAL DETERMINATION includes the urges and biological demands that we must comply with or else our biology will force actions upon us or begin to shut down… our base survival is dependent on these! The body doesn’t necessarily place a priority on the quality of how it fills these demands either. This can be as simple as the urge to eat, sleep or eliminate waste ... if you’ve ever taken a long road trip with someone who has a weak bladder, you know this one!

2. SUBCONSCIOUS DETERMINATION is what drives most people's habits and behaviors! Some of the choices we make are nearly automatic because we have done them SO MANY TIMES they become routine and deeply conditioned so we don’t really think about why we have done it, we just keep repeating the same patterns (even if we’re not satisfied with the results it gives us). This is the force that I believe is what we are truly describing when we talk about ‘HABITS”.

3. CONSCIOUS DETERMINATION is where we are actively assessing what results or outcomes that we want, measuring where we are at currently, and make an active decision to pursue that outcome and put these demands on ourselves. This is where we shape conscious thought into action, for a defined purpose.

How often are we letting our subconscious determine what we will eat, or what we will do with our physical and mental energy throughout the day?

THE PATH TO TRANSFORMING how you look and feel each day and truly shaping your physical experience lies within making CONSCIOUS DETERMINATIONS about how you will eat, how you will positively push your physical body through exercise, and the lifestyle you take on to show up rested and capable of diffusing the impacts of stress.

IF NOT then you will be controlled by more primal ‘survival instincts’ of the brain and body and overeat low-quality foods that bloat you and weigh your body and energy levels down… The body is NATURALLY DETERMINED to conserve energy, but we know that in order to strengthen it and preserve it, we have to make a CONSCIOUS DETERMINATION to put it into a specific type of physical demand to make any improvements.

If YOU'RE REALLY LOOKING TO MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR HEALTHY HABITS PRACTICE... I encourage you to peel back the layers of your behaviors that impact your health and physical body and look for the areas where you can bring CONSCIOUS DETERMINATION to practice the habits that are going to align you with the best and healthiest version of yourself… After enough repetition, this will begin to influence your SUBCONSCIOUS DETERMINATION and start to influence your behavior and how you will go making higher quality choices in satisfying the NATURAL DETERMINATION of your body.

You get to keep 100% of the rewards from what you put in here!

Practice 1 new habit that positively impacts your body and builds from there!

I know you can do it!

Now go out and make it a great day!

-Chris Patterson


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